Transformation Through Self-Care.

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Creative Holistic Integration (CHI) is a comprehensive system of holistic self-care based on re-connecting to the wholeness of who we are. Information accessed through the mind-body-spirit connection reveal the deeper causes underlying symptoms and challenges that prevent optimum functioning. These are clues that can lead to healing and transformation.

Suchinta Abhayaratna, Th.D. developed the CHI system incorporating the most effective processes and energy healing modalities that helped successfully address her own serious health challenges. Her experiences and doctoral studies in Transformational and Transpersonal Psychology and Energy Medicine at Holos University (HU) provide the practical, scientific and spiritual basis for her work as a Holistic Health Coach. She has practiced and taught for over 20 years.
Her approach is experiential and educational, and includes Stress Management, Chakra Balancing, Self Energizing, Self-muscle Testing, Vibrational Healing, Trapped Emotional Energy Release (TEER), Self-Reprogramming (SRP), Generational-Ancestral Process (GAP), Family Constellations, and Mandala Meditative Art. These tools and processes are quick and easy to learn and practice. They are most effective when practiced synergistically, but can also work well on their own. Either way, they produce profound and measurable results.
Individual and group coaching sessions and workshops are presented in-person and online (live). To facilitate sustainability, clients are offered free reviews, follow-ups and group support via private Facebook pages. Clients who benefit the most from the CHI Self-care System are those who commit to creating the highest health and wellbeing for themselves, and continue on with self-care.

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